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Offering specialty huckleberry foods since 2017

The Gallivanting Goat, LLC

-   ABOUT US  -

Apgar, Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park, Huckleberries

Welcome to the Gallivanting Goat, LLC.  We're glad you're here.  My name is Dave Thompson.  Our family has been in the West Glacier area since the 1940's.  In 1946, the Lundgren family and Dave Thompson, my grandpa, purchased The West Glacier Mercantile, which consisted of the main buildings in West Glacier.  Although the properties have changed hands our family still remains active in the area. 


My sister and her husband own The Glacier Highland across from the train station on Highway 2.  They purchased the business from my parents who bought the property in 1981. 

My Mom, Carolyn, runs her own cafe in Hungry Horse.  Aptly named... Carolyn's Cafe.  Open for breakfast and lunch, she serves traditional high quality, high value meals .

We started The Gallivanting Goat, LLC in July of 2017.  My first batch of huckleberry jam was more of a hobby than a business.  I found out that I really enjoyed it and people enjoyed the jam.  I ran with it.  Today we continue to evolve our product offerings.  Label development continues but our commitment to quality food is unparalleled.  We use high quality berries and support ingredients as well as a very attractive container to give you a fabulous huckleberry experience.

We started as "Carolyn's", changed to The Purple Mountain Goat and finally settled on The Gallivanting Goat.  Here's a funny story.  I asked a design artist to come up with a logo.  The first one she gave me (current logo) she said it was more cartoonish than what I wanted.  I agreed but I liked it.  I was talking to an avid hunter friend of mine and said I like the logo but when have you ever seen a mountain goat up on it's hind legs?  He said, "Never".  

About two weeks later The Daily Interlake (local newspaper) published "The Gallivanting Glacier Goat" on the front page of the paper.  I immediately changed our name to The Gallivanting Goat and retained the purple goat logo.

Again, thanks for stopping by.  We appreciate you as a customer and hope you enjoy your stay in the Glacier Park area.



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