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The Huckleberry Report

We've been making huckleberry foodsince 2016. What interested me in the huckleberry market was the extreme lack of updated marketing. It was the same old worn out generic mountain scenes or played cartoon characters. The more we got into analyzing available offerings it was apparent there was an abundant lack of huckleberry foods that were not diluted with other cheap fruits behind the scenes (blueberries, huckleberries other than the mountain huckleberry species - there are at least 12 species). No apple juice, grape juice or other food cheapeners. We also cut the sugar so berries are the first ingredient.

There have been many upward price pressures on the price of Mountain Huckleberries. Since Mountain Huckleberries only grow in the wild the cost of fuel, wage inflation, huckleberry shortages, and lack of pickers during covid has all contributed to the price of Mountain Huckleberries. Since 2016 we have seen Mountain Huckleberries increase from $7/lb to over $20/lb. In fact, I saw them selling up to $60/lb. The price of your Mountain Huckleberry food will vary based on proximity to Mountain Huckleberry growing areas as well as other factors.

The impact of the increased prices has increased the number of huckleberry food providers that cut in particularly blueberries to cut the cost to you but it is done without the ingredient label reflecting the blueberries (or other additives. To quote a berry wholesaler, "Everybody is mixing.....nearly everybody is mixing blueberries with hucks. We will mix your berries up to a 50/50 mix. The other reason the cut in blueberries is, if you are new to hucks, they don't think you can tell the difference between mixed berry and 100% Mountain Huckleberry food. Keep in mind the wholesaler is also trying to extend his huckleberries by encouraging the use of other berries - remember there is a current shortage.

You can absolutely tell an "airport" or "price point" huckleberry food by the color. If you are buying a jam and has a red tint - it has been cut with something. Our huckleberry jams are dark as night - as they should be. We use ONLY 100% Mountain Huckleberries in all our foods.

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