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If you're from the Northwest you have probably heard of razzleberry jam.  That's the local term for huckleberry/raspberry mixed jam.  We think that is a ridiculous name.  "The Queen's Jam" is a Nordic jam originally made from bilberries and raspberries dating back to the 1700s (I've heard).  


We came up with a name that is a little more obscure but reflective of this jam's history.  Paddy's is for the  Jameson Irish Whiskey.   We also added some lemon juice, vanilla, black pepper and spices (see if you can guess which one) all of which makes this an outstanding and earthy tasting jam.  And of course we replaced the bilberries with Huckleberries.


Serve Paddy's Queen's Jam with thumb print cookies, toast, smoked gouda or peppercorn cheese and crackers, ice cream, crêpes, croissants, waffles, as a filling in cakes or jelly rolls, etc .

Paddy's Queen's Jam

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